Dear Restless Mind -Reasons To Keep A Journal


I’ve kept a journal ever since I was a kid. I didn’t really think too much about it at the time. I just saw my older sister do it and thought it looked fun. I ended up using it as a pass time for when I was on a plane(my family traveled a lot at the time). My writing had no structure. I wrote whatever came to mind. I would doodle and stick random things on the pages. Over time, I came to realize how much I loved expressing myself. If one thing has been consistent in my life, it’s that I’ve always had a journal.My journal content has changed up here and there. I wanted to share not only reasons for keeping a journal but also the types of journals to have.

The typical “Dear Diary”

The most common reasons anyone keeps a journal is to express their thoughts. Whether they’re feeling sad or joyful, they use their journal as an outlet for these emotions. Some people even keep two separate journals, one for negative thoughts and the other for positive thoughts. I found that this method was not only good for letting out any bottled up emotions but also to analyze my thoughts. Sometimes you find yourself angry about something but then realize, after writing all of it down, that there was nothing to be mad about in the first place.

Your personal time capsule

Another journal that a lot of people like to keep is one where they write about their experience. Whenever something amazing happens, you can document it to look back on later. They say your memory is unreliable, so why not write it down as soon as it happens?

Sketch your experience

This is something I started to do earlier in the year. I had days where I couldn’t get myself to write.¬†Sometimes the thought of writing everything down felt overwhelming, so I decided why not sketch what was around me? I was asked by a random person at the airport why I sketch. I told him it’s the only thing that keeps my restless mind from running endlessly.

Life Planner

Whether your goals are short-term or long-term, you’re more likely to achieve it if you write it out. I find that it gives my goals definition. I start by writing about why I want to achieve this goal. Then I go on to the process. What steps do I need to take to get there? Checklists are what usual made for this part. After that I end with words of encouragement to get myself motivated.





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