Making the most of it



I’ve always been terrible at planning. I say this because a lot of times things don’t go according to plan, especially when it came to going on trips. I’ve accepted this fact to the point where spontaneity may as well be my middle name. I figured, why stress yourself out with a set schedule when you can go out there and just, well, go with it?

During the summer I visited a friend in Houston. I lived in Houston for a very short time when I was young. I told my friend this and he was very eager to give me a tour of his home town. He wanted to show me all the great places to shoot in the downtown area. He was especially excited about the JPMorgan Chase tower, which is the tallest building in the city.


I drove three hours to get there and right as I got there it poured nonstop. In fact, it flooded in certain areas. Not only that, but the Sky lobby observation deck at the Chase Tower prohibited visitors at the time. We went into a Chipoltle  to grab food while we came up with a plan B. At that point, the rain began to pick up. My friend looked defeated.

“What should we do now?” he asked as he looked solemnly out the window.

I wasn’t about to sit out on an adventure just because of the weather. “I guess we’re shooting in the rain,” I said.


I’ve never shot in the rain before and honestly I was excited for the experience. Even though by the end of it I was soaked from head to toe, I had so much fun. At one point, I was so focused on getting shots that I completely forgot about the weather condition.


“There’s no such thing as a bad trip.” I forgot where I heard that from but the quote really changed my prospective on adventuring. Your adventure is whatever you make it. It’s your attitude that defines the outcome. You could be at the most gorgeous place in the world and still have a bad time if you so choose. I could have sulked and drove three hours back home. But I wasn’t about to miss the experience of exploring downtown Houston. And isn’t experience is what adventuring is about?









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